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I grew up in a household where we prioritized a well-balanced lifestyle. With a Middle Eastern background, we grew up eating a Mediterranean diet, with food that not only tasted delicious but really made us feel great too. However, my health journey began over a decade ago in 2011 when I left for college.


Being in a new environment, away from home, I suffered from chronic gut health issues. For years, I could not figure out the "how" or "why" to my situation. When I returned home for the holidays, a friend introduced me to a Holistic Healer who changed my life. She educated me on how to take care of myself from within. For the first time, I really began listening to my body and becoming more mindful — practices that I still till this day uphold. Since then, I have attended The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and received my certification as a Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach.  After spending time working with clients, I realized I wanted to further my studies. I went back to school and received a specialized degree at Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and now serve as a Pre and Postnatal Wellness Coach. 

I am here to be your constant support system and your #1 self-care advocate.  Let’s work together to get your feeling nourished in all aspects of life — on and off the plate.

In addition to Coaching, I am also a Designer and Brand Expert. I own and operate another business, Asaadi Graphics. To learn more about how else we can collaborate, click here!

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The Soul & Spoons team is expanding!


We are pleased to introduce Samantha Robinson.


Samantha is a Nutrition Therapist, a Certified Yoga Instructor, and mother of two. Samantha aims to help clients reach their goals with a holistic approach.


Samantha's philosophy is that the journey to wellness is about developing a healthy mind and body together, and the process should be grounded in self-love.

Ready to dive in?

Coach Sam Robinson
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