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hi there,

By nature, I am a connector and collaborator. I came from a family of creative minds, my father being a physician and my mother having a keen eye for aesthetic and beauty. Inherently, I had an interest for the arts, creativity and building community. I always felt so inspired meeting new people— from different cultures and backgrounds, and to learn their story. I channeled my artistry in school and received my BFA in Graphic Design. In 2017, right out of college,  I founded my first business, Asaadi Graphics, a boutique design firm specializing in the wedding design and curation. I worked closely with engaged couples to tie together every detail from “Yes” to “I Do.” From invitation and website design to day of signage, we would brand everything throughout the wedding journey.  I had found my niché working alongside couples, creating cohesion through intentional artwork, visually bringing their love story to life. 

During the pandemic, my industry struggled like many others. This created an opportunity for self-reflection and self-care. I was adamant to broaden my knowledge and dive deeper into the world of wellness. One thing led to another, and I finally enrolled in The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, graduating with a degree as a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach. Growing up in a medical household with parents that were raised on a Mediterranean diet, maintaining a “healthy” and balanced lifestyle was fortunately something I was exposed to from early on. Our meals were always colorful, flavorful and nutritious. My most cherished memories were sitting around my family dinner table. It was an unspoken ritual that my mom, siblings and I would wait until my dad returned home from work to eat dinner. This time represented more than just a meal, but how food was the centerpiece that brought us together. It was those precious moments when I realized how food was the essence of everything and is important to celebrate and be grateful for. I am currently enrolled in Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, receiving my specialization in Pre & Postnatal Coaching. 

As a Coach, my approach will always be to meet you where you are, to guide you through a transformation and empowerment. As individuals, we transition through various stages of our lives; therefore, it is natural to face mental and physical roadblocks. Rather than avoid them, we must lean into the discomfort- allowing those moments to become a part of our story. 

Working together, we will get your mind, body and soul ready for what it needs. Health is not about one-size fits all. Each body, just like each human being, is unique. We will implement individualized, sustainable and preventative tools that promote balance and feel inclusive, rather than restrictive. 

Let’s work together to get your feeling nourished in all aspects of life — on and off the plate.

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