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Building identity-based habits

Inspired by one of my favorite books, #AtomicHabits, the New Year is a great time to evaluate our habits.

Layers of behavior change determine our ability to change our identity.

1️⃣ first layer: changing your outcomes

2️⃣ second layer: changing your processes

3️⃣ third and deepest: changing your identity

There are outcome-based habits VS. identity-based habits.

❌ Outcome-based: focus on what you want to achieve

✅ Identity-based: focus on who you wish to become


⭐️ It is a two-step process to changing your identity...

1️⃣ Decide what type of person you want to be

2️⃣ Prove it to yourself with small wins

⭐️Identity change is the North Star of habit change.

⭐️Not what or how ... but WHO.

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