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The Benefits of Natural, Organic Wines

Being someone who loves the culinary arts, dining out as well as cooking at home, I always enjoy try new types of wines with my meals. As much as I love it though, I do notice, some wines don't always settle well with me. I either get a headache or mild congestion if I have more than a glass.

Recently, I've been exploring more natural, organic wines. To my surprise, I have yet to have any adverse reactions and personally, I prefer the taste.

Aside from that, natural wine - without chemicals, pesticides, and additives - is much more desirable for our health overall. Natural wines, have a diverse variety of polyphenols, which lower inflammation, have strong antioxidants and can help regular blood sugar.

There are also benefits to your digestive track and gut microbiome. Natural wine is a living products, making it rich with bacteria and compounds that enhance your microbiome. Probiotic bacteria are also present in unfiltered wine.

If we simply take a look at Blue Zones — areas of the world with the longest living groups of people — each of these regions has moderate alcohol consumption engrained in their culture. The wine they drink is organic, never commercial. Validating that if we are inclined to drink wine, let's stick to natural.

Some of my favorite wine to enjoy these days are skin-contact or orange wines. Skin Contact wine is white wine that has turned orange because the grape juice has been allowed to stay in contact with the grape skins. It has been studied that skin contact wines contained far more antioxidants than their white counterpart.

Here are 3 of my favorites this summer:

Gulp Hablo Orange 2021

Field Recordings Skins 2021

Gerard Bertrand Orange Gold 2020

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