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It takes a village. Investing in yourself, means investing in your baby during
The Fourth Trimester.

Come as your are — show up in your pajamas and hair in a messy bun. Allow us to provide unwavering support through your journey into motherhood. We are your companion, creating a safe and non-judgmental environment where you are encouraged to be your authentic self. It is an exchange of energy and care that fuels a new mother from within, making a commitment to invest in herself and allow others to take care of her.

The female body is extremely intuitive and is constantly communicating with us. After a woman delivers, it is so necessary to provide her with the nurturing she needs, but often fails to request. 

During this period, she is meant to receive. A sacred time to rest, recover and restore — from nutrition to TLC.

Your Postnatal Companion

In order to ensure a smooth transition into motherhood and physical healing, we focus on: 

  • Surrendering household responsibility

  • Postnatal nutrition and recommended supplementation for optimal healing

  • Understanding your baby's natural rhythms

  • Nutrient-dense foods to include for breastfeeding

  • Key times to prioritize self-care

  • Education around baby blues

  • Addressing the identity challenges of her new body

Learn about our "New Mom" program in partnership with Health Chefs.

Contact us today to plan your first forty before your due date!

Or gift this to a new expecting family.  

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