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Integrative living for optimal wellness

As your coach, I will be your guiding light and self-care advocate. I will foster the knowledge and tools you will need to prioritize YOU when life gets unmanageable. Each of the programs are tailored to you, not the other way around. No matter which you select, we will:

  • Enrich your mindfulness and master prioritizing your self-care habits

  • Practice intuitive eating and holistic nutrition 

  • Discover movement that inspires you

  • Cultivate relationships that nourish our soul

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Our needs are bio-individual, i.e. one woman’s food is another woman’s poison. Together, we will identify areas in which you continually struggling, bringing a deeper awareness to your mind-body-soul connection.

We will work on being intuitive, being aware and most importantly, being kind to ourselves. Through small, yet sustainable shifts, we will nourish ourselves, both on and off the plate. 

Are you...

  • A young female in college?

  • Looking to improve your lifestyle?

  • Seeking better habits, structure and discipline ?

  • Tired of feeling sluggish and unmotivated?

  • Constantly dieting ?

If yes, in this program we will,

  • Understanding whole body health through our Philosophy

  • Learn about traffic light eating and how to build a balanced plate by increasing fiber intake and the quality of your protein 

  • Familiarizing yourself with food and nutrition labels 

  • Eating for endless energy 

  • Reduce inflammation and maximize digestion to promote a healthy gut

  • Receive supportive meal plans and clean recipes 

  • Preferred list of pantry and grocery brands

  • Promote holistic living by mastering morning and evening daily practices, mindfulness and movement




Why wait to make better choices until you are already pregnancy? Getting a jumpstart on your pre-conception journey is an investment in you and your future baby's longterm health. Taking actionable steps at least 6 months before trying to conceive leads to several long-term benefits. We will begin optimizing your wellness habits before conception, making your path to motherhood that much more enjoyable.

Are you...

  • Currently trying to conceive?

  • Planning to start a family in the near future?

  • Looking to improve your health habits now?

  • Trying to cycle sync through exercise and nutrition?

  • Curious about managing your hormones?

If yes, in this program we will,

  • Focus on body awareness 

  • Prioritize nutrient-dense foods and eating for your hormones

  • Receive supportive meal plans and clean recipes 

  • Discuss conception support supplementation

  • Best practices to detoxifying their home and lifestyle 

  • Master your self-care and daily routine

  • Managing home environment and lifestyle

  • Balance stress levels through movement and mindfulness




While you're growing a little one inside you, we have a 360 comprehensive program to help educate, prepare and support you and your developing baby.

Together, we will discuss the monthly changes you will experience. As you step into your role of motherhood, we will filter through the overwhelming information, providing step-by-step nutritional and lifestyle guidance, tailored to your journey.

Are you...

  • Currently pregnant? (congrats!)

  • Trying to figure out what supplements to be taking?

  • Battling first trimester nausea?

  • Having trouble sleeping?

If yes, in this program we will,

  • Guide you through hormonal shifts and energy levels

  • Discuss Functional Nutrition during each month of pregnancy

  • Understanding cravings and keeping morning sickness at bay

  • Healthy weight gain and postpartum weight loss

  • Familiarizing yourself with food and nutrition labels 

  • Keeping up with physical movement

  • Stress management and reduction

  • What to expect during breastfeeding

  • The importance of sleep

  • Mind-set renewal and prioritizing self-care

  • Prepare you for best practices as you step into your new role




The fourth trimester... aka the first forty days after the birth of a child is an essential and fleeting period of rest and recovery for the new mother and lets just say… it takes a village. The journey isn’t over when the baby arrives.

Bringing our attention back to the importance of the postpartum period for new mothers helps to create space for this essential period of integration and recovery. This program is an invaluable companion during the first 40 days and beyond. We will get you feeling restored, replenished and nourished through your fourth trimester.

Are you...

  • A first time mom?

  • At home with a newborn?

  • Running on no sleep?

  • Facing breastfeeding frustration?

  • Tired to figuring out what to feed your family?

  • Struggling with body/ self-identity challenges?

If yes, in this program we will,

  • Focus on the physical and emotional journey after delivery

  • Discuss "bounce-back culture" and embracing your body's transition from pregnant to not-pregnancy

  • Create support around bringing your baby home

    • Discuss the Baby B's

  • What to expect in the first week

  • Postpartum nutrition with purpose and supplementation

  • Provide you with warm and nourishing recipes

  • Optimal wellness for breastfeeding

  • Managing stress and expectations

  • Coping with sleep deprivation 

  • Implementing self-care practices 




The ultimate power hour to healthy swaps at home. This super informative session will guide you through what to toss, what to keep, and how to stock your kitchen so that you set yourself up for success with your wellness goals.

Are you...

  • Tired of feeling sluggish?

  • A parent looking to make healthy swaps for their kids?

  • Unsure of what brands to be looking for at the grocery store?

  • Seeking clean recipes to make at home?

If yes, in this program we will,

  • Cover basic principles and quick, affordable swaps

  • Knowledge around Traffic Light Eating

  • Education and Guide to Understand Food Label Reading

  • Food additives to avoid

  • Neela's preferred list of brands

  • Pantry Staple Recommendations

  • Fridge & Freezer Recommendations *optional*




This workshop is an interactive mini-course on healthy hacks. We will educate you on the tools you'll need to read nutrition labels, properly navigate the grocery store and make those smart swaps at home. By ridding your kitchen of the goodies that don’t serve you, and restocking with just a couple of staples, you will yourself craving these healthy, satiating swaps! 

Are you...

  • A part of an organization, school or business?

  • Looking to bring awareness around health and lifestyle balance?

  • Seeking a live, interactive workshop on nutrition?

If yes, in this program we will,

  • Share our Philosophy to Whole-Body Wellness

  • Discuss the 4 Pillars of Health

  • Share our approach to Traffic Light Eating

  • Provide knowledge around Building a Balanced Plate

  • Guide the group to Reading Nutrition Label and Ingredients Lists

  • Note food additives to avoid

  • Neela's preferred list of brands

  • What's In & What's Out Swaps

  • The Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen

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