The  soul&Spoons  Philosophy

PHASE 1: Acknowledge

Our bodies are incredibly intelligent. Ours needs are bio-individual, i.e. one man’s food is another man’s poison. Together, we will identify areas in which you continually struggle, bringing a deeper awareness to your mind-body-soul connection.

PHASE 2:  Apply

We will work on being intuitive, being aware and most importantly, being kind to ourselves. Through small, yet sustainable improvements, we will nourish ourselves (both on and off the plate) with information that can promote healing  and prevent imbalances. 

PHASE 3: Implement

We will integrate these tools into your everyday life. Vitality is obtainable for everyone, we just need the proper resources and support to achieve optimal holistic health. Let's tap into your intuition and use it as a guide to help you thrive!

Ready to transform? Let's get started.

Image by Zoe Schaeffer