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Growing together

Optimal health for mother and baby begins before conception and continues well after delivery. My mission is to support women throughout their preconception and pregnancy journey, to get her body and mind ready for what is to come.


We will discuss:

Nutrition during all stages, eating for two, healthy weight gain, postpartum weight loss, label reading, smart shopping. We will also cover what to expect at each stage of pregnancy, a birth plan, healthy womb environments, physical activity, support and stress reduction, and the importance of sleep.


As she steps into her role of motherhood, we will filter through all of the overwhelming information by providing the tools and resources, tailored to her specific wants and needs. 

Health during pregnancy is a beautiful evolution that deserves celebration.

Together, side by side,  we will prepare her mind, body and soul

so she can not only show up for herself but for those who rely on her, daily. 

Image by Tuva Mathilde Løland
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