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Cycle Syncing

Your guide to cycle syncing. Be sure to focus on these movements and foods to support each phase of your menstruation cycle.

During the Menstrual Phase (Day 1-5) include:

  • These exercises:

  • Low impact workout, walking, stretching

  • These foods:

  • veggies: dark leafy greens, root veggies

  • fruits: dark colored berries, grapes, melon

  • grains: buckwheat, wild rice

  • nuts: pumpkin, flax, peanuts, chestnuts

  • protein: beans, red meat, duck, beans, shellfish

During the Follicular Phase (Day 6-14) include:

  • These movements:

  • Weight training, cardio, build muscles

  • These foods:

  • veggies: artichokes, broccoli, carrots

  • fruits: all citrus, avocado, plum, cherries

  • grains: oats, barley, rye

  • nuts: pumpkin, flax, cashews, brazil nuts

  • protein: lentils, eggs, poultry, shellfish

During the Ovulation Phase (Day 15-17) include:

  • These movements:

  • Cardio, circuit, interval training

  • These foods:

  • veggies: bell pepper, eggplant, tomato, spinach

  • fruits: fig, berries, coconut, cantaloupe

  • grains: quinoa, amaranth

  • nuts: pumpkin, flax, peanuts, almond, pistachio

  • protein: lentils, salmon, eggs, tuna, shrimp, lamb

During the Luteal Phase (Day 18-28) include:

  • These movements:

  • Strength training, pilates, yoga

  • These foods:

  • veggies: cabbage, cauliflower, parsnip, squash

  • fruits: apple, pear, peach, dates

  • grains: brown rice, millet

  • nuts: sunflower, sesame, pine nuts, walnut

  • protein: chickpea, turkey, salmon, cod, beef

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